The Oceanic range of scuba diving Masks includes everything from compact, lightweight and low profile to larger, more specialized diving and snorkeling masks. Oceanic range includes both framed and frameless styles, each offering key advantages depending on a divers requirements. Certain framed masks, such as the Ion and Ion 4 masks can be fitted with either plus or minus corrective lenses whereas as frameless masks can not but frameless masks, including the very popular Shadow Mask, are lighter and offer a lower internal volume with the ability to fold almost flat making them great as backup masks stowed in a pocket or pouch.

Higher specification masks, such as the Pioneer mask, include ultra clear tempered glass instead of standard tempered glass. Ultra clear glass has a lower impurity content that means light rays are not blocked or deflected back out of the mask which improves light transmittance through the glass, making everything seem brighter and colors more vibrant. The glass remains just as strong and just as safe as standard tempered glass


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Oceanic Fins are designed to deliver power and efficiency by using the latest in technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure high performance and quality. Oceanic range of fins include both full foot and open heel fin types, a variety of blade types including channel and split fin technologies. Full foot fins are ideal for snorkelling or light travel scuba diving as they are much lighter than open heel as they generally do not need to propel as much mass through the water. Open heel fins allow either neoprene or drysuit boots to be inserted into the foot pocket and secured using either an adjustable rubber strap or spring strap. Open heel fins are generally heavier but also stronger and capable of propelling a much more heavily equipped diver through the water.

Different blade types offer different finning characteristics, performance levels and efficiency. A standard style of blade is simply a surface to move and control water to propel the snorkeller or diver forward. More advanced fins start to add extra control panels or vents to either improve performance or reduce stress and implement flexible sections in a blade to allow the fin to flex in a controlled way for increased thrust. Split fins are currently considered to be the pinnacle of performance with a blade that mimics nature itself and uses lift like a bird or plane wing to create positive and negative pressures that aid diver propulsion


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Oceanic drysuits are proudly made entirely in UK factory to our exacting standard that ensures each suit is expertly cut, stitched, taped and finished to your specification before being fully pressure tested. We continuously strive to improve the dry suits that we produce by researching, developing and testing new ideas for suit designs and materials that will help to increase the suit characteristics, weight, strength, fit, flexibility and usability of our drysuits.

All of Oceanic drysuits can be altered to fit additional pockets, change seal types, change boot / sock size or lengthen / shorten arms and legs. When you visit your local dealer for measuring and fitting you will be able to discuss any changes that you want to your suit of choice.

To find the best fitting size be sure to take a look at our size guide. Don’t forget that all suit sizes are also available in short or tall variants if required to shorten or lengthen the arms and legs

Aerdura – Front Entry

The Oceanic Aerdura Front Entry drysuit is built using the same tough Cordura outer layer that is designed to resist scuffs, abrasion and tears but is fitted with a front diagonal YKK zip that allows for self closure. The trilaminate material incorporates a fine layer of titanium that works to reflect infra-red heat as it is lost by the body to help maintain a consistent temperature throughout the dive.



The Oceanic FlexDura drysuit is a trilaminate suit that uses a buytl layer trapped between two layers of polyester to create a great looking and durable suit. The FlexDura was designed to allow for a better streamlined cut without restricting movement but cutting each panel diagonal to the weave of the fabric. This technique gives the suit up to 15% more flexibility than a traditionally cut trilaminate suit using the same material, reducing the need for excess material to accommodate the movement of the diver.



The HD400S is a rear entry trilaminate suit built around a simple concept, make a hard wearing and lightweight suit at a very affordable price. This drysuit may not adorned with all the extras found on more expensive suits but it is still built and tested to the same standards. The HD400S uses our 420 denier nylon material laid over a 220g/sqm buytl with an inside lining of comfortable polyester whicvh come together to help minimise the risk of puncture. The male version is finished in black with silver stitching the ladies version is black with fuchsia panels down the side of the body and legs with fuchsia stitching.


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Dive computers





Dive computers are an essential piece of scuba diving equipment, helping to keep you safe during your dive and offer greater flexibility and longer bottom dives times compared to decompression tables. The Oceanic range of dive computers offer much more than just this basic functionality and have been developed to make diving easier, safer and more enjoyable by incorporating new technologies and features such as our Dual Algorithm technology that allows you to choice a decompression algorithm that best suits the type of diving you will be doing.


The Oceanic DataMask is simply a mask with a built in advanced dive computer that features a miniature LCD display in the bottom of the right hand side that displays all the information you would expect from a dive computer including dive time and depth as well as more advanced like cylinder pressure and air time remaining from a wireless transmitter. Crucially it provides hands free monitoring of your critical dive information without the need to stop what you are doing.

The full package includes:

  • DataMask
  • Transmitter
  • Batteries
  • Protective Case
  • USB PC/Mac Interface Cable and Software
  • Operating Manual, QuickStart Guide (on CD) and laminated Review Card
  • McNett MicroNet Towel
  • Sea Buff Pre-Cleaner and Sea Gold Anti-fog


OCi Blackout (Special Edition)

The Oceanic OCi is Oceanic’s flagship dive computer. Due to being so popular, we released a special Blackout colour edition. The OCi is is an advanced, compact, all-in-one dive computer featuring Oceanic’s exclusive Dual Algorithm, optional wireless air-integration, digital compass, and much more. All in a strong, lightweight housing.



The Oceanic VTX is the future of personal dive computers with an OLED colour display and Bluetooth technology. A wireless, air-integrated computer with patented air time remaining algorithm, high contrast OLED color screen, 3-axis digital compass, Bluetooth ready, up to 4 nitrox mixes, user replaceable battery, and an intuitive push button menu system.



The Oceanic OCi is a compact watch size computer packed full with features including dot matrix display, digital compass, optional wireless transmitter integration, PC/Mac interface to name but a few. It also comes is a range of colours.


Pro Plus 3

The Oceanic Pro Plus 3 is a hose integrated dive computer that features a huge LCD screen which makes reading critical dive information incredibly easy. The Pro Plus 3 still has the other features you would expect including our Dual Algorithm, air time remaining / cylinder pressure and gas switching.



The Oceanic VT4 is an advanced full size wrist dive computer that is capable of taking you all the way from your first dive to technical diving with features that make it simple to use for all stages in between. The VT4 is loaded with our Dual Algorithm, digital compass, optional wireless air integration, dot matrix display, Optional PC/Mac interface and many more.


Atom 3

The Oceanic Atom 3 is a small format wrist mounted dive computer with a clear and easy to read screen that displays your critical dive data including depth, no-deco time remaining, cylinder pressure, air time remaining, and elapsed dive time. The Atom 3 includes our Dual Algorithm, optional wireless air integration and PC/Mac interface.


Veo 3

The Oceanic Veo 3 is a compact and tough dive computer packed full with features including our Dual Algorithm, easy to read LCD screen, gas switching, optional PC/Mac interface and backlight.


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Scuba Diving BCDs





The Oceanic range of BCDs covers everything from rugged UK or other cold water diving to lightweight travel including a BCD specifically designed to offer ladies a much better fit and support during their dive. Oceanic pour huge amounts of design and testing time into each and every BCD to ensure they perform to not only Oceanic exacting standards but the exceptional high standards that divers expect. Oceanic are so confident about their quality that all UK purchses of our Buoyancy Control Devices are cover by a lifetime warranty that protects the original owner against manufacturing defects throughout the entire life of the BCD. Who else can say that about their products.


The Excursion is a streamlined and lightweight BCD designed for adventurers that want comfort and stability.

On the back of the BCD there is a standard cam strap to secure the BCD to a cylinder which also has a non-dumpable weight pocket in either side to accommodate 4 – 5 kg of trim weight for balancing purposes.

















  • BioFlex® rear inflation bladder provides up to 58 lbs. lift (50 lbs. S, M and L) with minimum drag when deflated
  • Streamlined harness with reinforced contoured shoulders, padded back pack with lumbar support and adjustable position sternum strap
  • QLR4 integrated weight system and trim pockets
  • Zipped utility pockets
  • Pre-bent welded stainless steel d-rings
  • Integrated instrument retractor mount (retractor not included) and BCD Knife mounting grommets on either the left or right
  • Adjustable depth compensating cummerbund


The Oceanic HERA is built from the ground up for women – designed specifically around the female form with ample adjustments to make it your own, without sacrificing the features and functionality that the most discriminating divers demand. This may just be the most comfortable, best fitting BC you’ve ever worn.



  • Hybrid bladder
  • Custom fit harness with multi-position shoulder straps and cummerbund
  • QLR4 integrated weight system accommodates up to 9 kg plus dual 2 kg rear weight pouches
  • Reinforced shoulders, padded back pack and an adjustable position sternum strap
  • Integrated instrument retractor sleeve (retractor not included) and BC Knife mounting grommets
  • Pre-bent welded stainless steel d-rings


The Oceanic Atmos is a durably-constructed, full-featured hybrid air-cell BC with a unique, hybrid rear-inflation bladder enables air to “shift,” which provides maximum amount of lift and keeps you properly orientated on or below the surface.



  • 20 lbs (9 kg) of integrated weight in the Pinch & Release system and 10 lbs (4.5 kg) trim
  • Padded backplate features an extended lumbar support to transfer tank weight onto hips, relieving shoulder stress
  • Three (3) over pressure relief valves optimize buoyancy control
  • Crucial areas constructed of 1000D denier Cordura fabric
  • 2 large, zippered pockets with knife mounting grommets
  • Adjustable depth-compensating cummerbund


The Oceanic JetPack is an innovative all-in-one BCD and travel solution featuring a one size fits most BC and 42L semi dry day bag.

The Oceanic Jetpack is the ultimate solution for airline carry-on & transport to and from the dive site. It’s a true hybrid, not a bag and more than just a mere BC. We took a long look at what it means to travel with Scuba gear to a destination and realized pretty quickly that it didn’t make sense to take a BC, your heaviest and most bulky piece of kit with shoulder straps, and stuff it into a bag – so you could carry it… By combining a semi-dry day bag with a one size fits all fully adjustable travel BC, we have managed to create a travel system that can carry a complete set of dive gear (regs, computer, fins, suit, etc) and travel amenities (clothing, toiletry kit, computer, etc) easily for multi-day travel, even a week depending on how you pack… all in only one bag.



  • 30lbs lift
  • 14 lbs dumpable weight / optional cylinder band trim weight =  10lbs non dump-able
  • one size fits all = custom fit for everyone: adjustable harness, cummerbund and lumbar
  • Adjustable position weight pockets
  • rugged (not your typical travel materials) construction
  • 1000 Denier Cordura construction
  • 420 denier nylon bladder material
  • Quick dry 800 denier double-coated nylon


  • 42 liter semidry
  • Water-resistant zippers for all compartments
  • Hide away backpack straps
  • Laptop sleeve with easy zippered access
  • Full-zip opening main compartment provides easy access.
  • Two external zip pockets for smartphone, wallet, and passport
  • Quick dry 800 denier double-coated nylon construction
  • External compression straps for cinching or expanding
  • Padded back panel


The Oceanic Biolite keeps things simple with a clean, straightforward design that focuses on comfort and convenience. If your travel plans call for lightweight luggage, then the Biolite BC is definitely for you.



  • Total BC weight is only 2.5 kg
  • Includes right shoulder carabiner adjustable positioning system
  • Streamlined, Integrated Weight System accommodates up to 6,3 kg
  • Includes dual 3 kg front weight pocket “Quick Drop” weight release system
  • Low profile back pack, makes it easy to fold in half for traveling purposes
  • Low profile bladder design and made with Bioflex material
  • Self Adjusting sternum strap
  • Generous soft pad
  • Dual 2 kg tank band “Non Drop Weight Pocket”


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