Zeagle Diving BCD

Made for Every Diver, Customized for You

Zeagle makes BCDs for every diver, then  take that promise  a step further , by customizing  you gear  to your specific style . Zeagle custom color combinations let you make your BCD unique.


Personal Fit System

You don’t come with an off-the-rack body. You don’t always dive in the same place. Or do the same kind of diving. That’s why virtually all our equipment is based on a modular design concept of interchangeable components that allow you to custom-fit a buoyancy system to perfectly match your body. In addition to fitting waist size, chest size and torso length independently, you can adjust the style of various components and the amount of lift on the buoyancy system to match the type of diving you do

Zeagle Patented Ripcord System

When It comes to Zeagle BCs, we think safety first, and so should you. Our patented Ripcord system is based on the proven release systems and trusted by skydivers (if sky drivers can trust the weight release system with their) lives, so can you!). It is the ONLY weight release system that instantly releases the weights from both sides with single one-handed pull. Need more convincing? GO to www.zeagle.com to find out more.

Weight Integrated Buoyancy

Zeagle weight integrated BCs are designed so they absorb the strain between opposing forces of lift and weights, rather than body. With no weight belt, the system can be worn low, balancing weight and lift over the center of buoyancy, improving comfort and most importantly, balance. It also means a better fit, reducing pressure around the diaphragm.

Here are some of the Zeagle BCD’s Series…


The lightest and most durable ultra-compact Scuba diving BC on the market

Traveling light doesn’t mean you have to compromise. The new Covert BC is for those divers counting weight by the ounce and looking for uncompromising quality. Part of the popular and well known Ranger BC lineage, the Covert is for those looking for legendary “Ranger” toughness and durability in a compact travel BC. And at 3.9 lb, you no longer have to worry about travel weight restrictions.



An ideal entry level BC that is lightweight and low cost

The Scout offers exceptional value in a lightweight system. It has a low profile single bladder with an elastic retractor, and an elastic waist closure. The Scout is our lightest and most compact BC, and is ideal for a basic travel system with minimum weight and bulk. The weight system consists of two rear mounted pockets with a touch fastener release and a 16lb maximum total weight capacity.



A rugged BC for travel and local diving that doesn’t compromise on features

The Stiletto is designed for divers who do both warm and temperate water diving but don’t need the twin tank capability or higher lift of a heavy-duty BC. It has sufficient lift and weight capacity for most average- sized divers to use in their local environments, yet packs easily into a lightweight travel system.



The industry standard for rugged design, versatility, and comfort

If you want a tough recreational buoyancy system, and also want it to adapt and change to meet your different diving needs, the Ranger is a system you won’t outgrow. It’s been at the “top of the charts” for many years.



Designed by women for women for better balance and comfort

The Zena has been designed by women specifically for women. The twin straps adjust to fit waist and hips independently, while the elastic front panels provide outstanding fit and comfort. Our patented PFS sizing system allows for the waist size, chest size, and torso length to be independently fitted.



Designed for the Search and Rescue Diver

The SAR BC, along with the 911 BC, was introduced in 1997 in response to many requests from Public Safety divers for systems designed to fit their needs. Identical to the 911, except for the addition of a permanently installed lifting harness for helicopter, cliff or swiftwater work.


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