Fire Products

Open Designs

Open packages in horizontal or vertical configurations combine compressor and air purification systems in a space saving design. These compressors set the standard for larger capacity air requirements.
Open Designs

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Engine drive

Engine driven compressors incorporating a high capacity range of industrial compressors are mounted on a frame designed to meet the specific needs of your application. The heavy-duty frames and balanced compressor designs make for sturdy packages that can withstand the elements.

Engine Drive


MINI UNICUS® is our budget minded integrated breathing air cylinder recharging system. The system design combines a BAUER high pressure compressor, BAUER breathing air purification system, air storage system, air management panel and containment fill station. It might be smaller than our UNICUS III series cylinder recharging systems, but MINI UNICUS® is not short on features.

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UNICUS III® cylinder recharging station is THE TOTAL SYSTEM for refilling high or low pressure SCBA or SCUBA cylinders. The integrated system design combines a BAUER high pressure compressor, BAUER breathing air purification system, air storage system, cascade fill panel and containment fill station into one user-friendly workstation. Independently tested for safety, a UL® listed electrical assembly and the proven reputation for superior performance makes the UNICUS III® the most advanced fill station available!

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T-COM® Lite Trailer

If your needs do not require the amenities of the full-sized TCOM® look to the T-COM® LITE. Designed and manufactured by BAUER for the budget minded customer, the T-COM® LITE utilizes a multi-stage air cooled compressor coupled to a watercooled diesel engine. Our esthetically pleasing enclosure encompasses the compressor system from inclement weather and road debris and the heavy-duty frame provides a firm foundation for up to four air storage cylinders. The single axle design enhances mobility with most smaller vehicles.
T-COM Lite

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T-COM® 13H/25H Trailer

When your needs require a rugged trailer built for the fire service, rather than a cheap lightweight imitation, look to BAUER.

Our T-COM® TRAILER designs are powered by a unique diesel/electric dual drive system. Each system is equipped with a two position containment fill station, an enclosed fill control panel, 4 ASME storage cylinders and integral SCBA storage for up to 12 SCBA cylinders all incorporated onto a heavy duty frame built by BAUER.
T-COM Trailer

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